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Unspeakables — by Ron Reining
This title contains graphic language, violence, and sex which may well offend and/or disturb some readers.

Unspeakables Book 1 Cover
case 1: Unspeakables

Unspeakables is a story about a simple man named Jeff who has his whole world destroyed in a single night. After an act of revenge and perfect crime, Jeff is recruited by Zee Castle, a covert organization that brings unspeakable events to a close. With his partner, a retrained zombie known as a Zed, he is given a chance to find a new life.

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Unspeakables Book 2 Cover
case 2: Have You Hugged Your Zombie Today?

Victoria and Jeff have another case.

The return from the Unspeakable events of Wheeler County finds Jeff and Victoria at peace and at home. For Jeff, life is good. For Victoria, death is even better. There are hobbies to pursue and coffee to savor. That is, until a monster with unimaginable power begins feeding on humanity in Victoria’s own back yard.

Meanwhile, In Grimshaw, Alberta, another monster appears to have arisen. Young women are dying and no one can explain how or why. Zee Castle orders Jeff and Victoria into the dead of the Alberta winter to investigate the Unspeakable. But before they can seek out one monster, they must first survive a creature with a blood lust matched only by its hatred of Victoria’s existence.

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Unspeakables Book 3 Cover
case 3: Zombie Mom

It is a place where children cry. Situated on the frontier between the Northern Trade Zone and the Independent States, Hidalgo County is a quiet, nearly forsaken place. It is the perfect place for people to disappear and people are doing exactly that. Naturally, there were no witnesses and few complaints.

When Jeff takes Victoria to Hidalgo County, it is with a feeling of dread. Foreboding permeates the atmosphere in spite of the jovial County Sheriff and his beautiful daughter, Deputy Angela.

Is something Unspeakable taking place, or is the Prospect family, who run the orphanage, as upstanding as they appeared? The children are the key to Hidalgo County, but unlocking the door with that key could be costly.

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Unspeakables Book 4 Cover
case 4: In A Rut

For Allison, Westview is a headache unimagined by Job. When she agrees to assume responsibility for Victoria she never imagines that she would be living in the midst of several hundred shape shifters, every one of whom is dedicated, body and soul, to making the goddess Nympho look innocent and pure.

Of course, that's before Victoria questions the murders that are taking place on a regular basis; murders the Alpha and other pack leaders claim they are unaware of.

This time the case work isn’t in some distant community full of dark secrets. This time there is no separation. The time the work comes after the investigators, who have no way of telling friend from foe.

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Unspeakabels Book 5 Cover
case 5: Make Mine A Double

When Allison was recruited by Zee Castle it was in the capacity of research scientist. The sociologist was tasked with determining if the living and the undead could coexist in a peaceful sociological setting. For a young woman who detests fresh air and physical exertion she believes she had found the perfect employer.

Over the course of her first decade with the oddballs of the Castle, life was good and she was happy. That was then. Now she can’t quite understand why she is laying her life on the line in the capacity of investigator, and with two undead assistants at her command instead of the traditional one.

Is the problem the vampire who requested her assistance? Can easily believable human greed be responsible for four dozen murders? How often can the two Zeds be raped and murdered, and how long can Allison cope with the guilt before her decisions destroy her?

CAUTION: This book contains intense material including heavy descriptions of violence, rape, and murder, and may be disturbing to some readers.

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Unspeakables Book 6 Cover
case 6: The Grand Scheme

Nothing lasts forever. After 108 years, the Director of Zee Castle falls asleep at his desk and does not wake up again. When Allison is informed that she is the man’s successor she very nearly wishes to trade places with him. The only thing harder than taking the reins of power is the day she sends her beloved Victoria off to Beauregard County, part of a stretch of land once known as The Neutral Ground, with a novice investigator. A place with a history of alleged lawlessness is a place one would expect people to disappear in. One team has already been returned in a box.

Recently charged with making her own choices, Victoria teams with Zee Castle's first shifter investigator. For Tony and Victoria, the Neutral Ground is a tense place where the shape shifters there are unlike the Astoria packs under Carol Bateman’s leadership, and they don’t tolerate strangers.

What is happening in a place notorious for keeping secrets? Can Tony and Victoria sort out a land which has already claimed the lives on a more experienced investigations team? Is the chicken fried steak really the best on Earth?

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Unspeakables Book 7 Cover
case 7: Better Zed Than Dead

The vampire Lady Constance is nearly recovered from the injuries handed out by Victoria, and the grudge she carries goes beyond eternal.

Allison appears to be ignoring Victoria and even Valerie feels neglected and unhappy about it. Is it Allison’s new boyfriend?

Sally moves in with Tony and Victoria suddenly feels the pressure of being unwanted. She requires human companionship as much as nourishment, but now no one wants her around. What is a dead girl to do?

And what about the acute abdominal pains Victoria begins experiencing? The rewired nervous system of the undead is supposed to keep her immune from much of human malady. What is it about that one night in her life twelve decades before when she experienced the love of another?

Dozens of murders convince some that a vampire army is rising. Others believe someone wants a war between humans and the undead. With so many threats from so many directions, can Victoria stop the Unspeakable before Zee Castle falls?

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Unspeakables Book 8 Cover
case 8: Victoria's Secret

When people begin disappearing, it isn't far removed from human nature to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. And if it doesn't go away, hopefully it will bother another and not strike home. Of course, with a pirate war in progress, the law has other things on its mind, and that is when Zee Castle might step in. But what can even the most gifted investigator do without a suspect to investigate? Or even a body?

Nevada County has a secret no one can fathom. The living and the undead investigators sent to the Sierra Nevada Mountains seem destined to fail, providing they survive.

When Victoria finds herself deprived of her investigator and her back to a tree, she realizes she has a choice before her. Stand and fight, or let her long years come to an end.

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Unspeakables Book 9 Cover
case 9: Victoria's Principle

Zee Castle is running out of investigators. All Allison can do is canvas the prison system in the hopes that some death row inmates or a few lifers might feel inclined to make a career move. She never expected one of those to be a 24-year-old girl who took an axe to six men before trying to eat the judicial system of the Southwest Counties.

Is the girl out of her mind, or is it actually too crowded in there for sanity to stand a chance? At the same time, the patron and benefactor of Zee Castle finally decides he wants to see how all his money is being spent. That decision places Victoria and daughter Michelle on an airliner, destination Vatican City.

Is the Lord of the Vampire Race prepared to stand up to the Queen of the Zombies?

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Unspeakables Book 10 Cover
case 10: Victoria

The Lord of the Vampire Race has given Victoria a job to do.

After seventeen decades of careful planning, the perpetual teenager leads her invasion forces into the heart of Central America’s drug and crime empire. It is a war on organized crime. Meanwhile, in Astoria, the vampire Grigori decides to expand his territory, and Saez’s home is his first stop. A full scale war erupts which will alter the course of the world forever.

Before it is all over, the redefining of the word fear will a horrific affair no one will forget.

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