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• The reason for our long absense

Obviously, we have not been active for a couple of years. The reason for this is because Ronald Reining, the primary reason Falling Angel Chronicles was made, passed away a short time after book 10 was released in 2014. Since then, there has been great difficulty returning to this project. The announced Nevada Way was put on obvious hiatus, and I am still trying to decide what will be the next step with Ronald's other major series. However, for any who still peruse the halls of this site, there are wheels in motion with your editor going back to school. It is hoped that game design will be a next step, including the possibility of an Unspeakables game. Things will move slow, but hopefully more forward than they have been.

The Absentee Editor


• Book 9 is now online

Book 9 is now on the site. This one takes us to Vatican City, where the Lord of the Vampires wants to meet with with Victoria. Also, a new investigator, and one outside of anything Z Castle has seen before.

Book 10 is being finished, though no exact ETA due to technical difficulties. We will soon be working on a series called Nevada Way as well. It is an alternate history novel based around the Nevada Guard (formed during the fall of order in America) being transported back in time to Roman days. This Final Countdown of steroids, acid, and too much caffine and you will start getting the idea. These will be a 10 part series of full length novels, provided I can get Ron to stop writing for a few minutes, but I do my best to get them out quickly over the coming year. And finally, my printing company (Createspace by Amazon) now offers expanded distribution which means that all the books are now available to order through retail stores. This means that hopefully we will get to see them on shelves eventually, so if you know anybody wanting to buy it from a brick and mortor store, tell them to ask for it directly. ^_^

Your foolhardy Editor


• The marshmellows of retribution may now be thrown

Book 8 is now out in physical form, and kindle form should hopefully be out shortly. Sooner or later, this editor of ours will actually get things done on time. Book 9 is already proofed and set however, with the final installment of Victoria's quest, Book 10, shortly after that. It has been a long learning curve, but intrumental in where FAC is going to go.

As for this book, things are heating up in the world and this time Victoria may not have what it takes to go up against what nature can dish out. With no clues and no time, the investigators of Z Castle have their work cut out for them.

The Cat behind the scenes


• A Million Apologies good readers

Despite rumors of the editor's deletion, I am still here. Things have been insane and those who know me in person have been witness to my insanity. Anywho, Book 7 is now out, late unfortunately, and Book 8 will be out shortly, though cover art work has been taking longer than I would like.

The big news of the moment is that Book 1 is now available through Barnes and Noble bookstores, as well as available through the library, so hopefully it will be on shelves soon and I can start devoting more time to FAC. That's all for now.

The Cat behind the scenes


• The Grand Scheme: unspeakables case 6

Book 6 is finally released. Ronald has a new investigator, the first Shifter Z Castle has ever employed, tackling a new case while the torch of Z Castle trades hands to a new heir apparent.


• Make Mine A Double: unspeakables case 5

Ronald has made a rather interesting story this time in Book 5. This one was a little intense even for me, which is saying something. I will let you be the judge of this one.

Allison gets the oh so lovely task of having to choose between risking her charges or allowing more blood to be spilt, and the cost may be her soul. We also get learn more about the Vampire commmunity is Ronald's world, one which does not follow the mainstream.


• In A Rut: unspeakables case 4

Book 4 introduces to a new investigator in this one, expanding on Z Castle and its roles for employees. We also get to meet the Shifters, Ronald Reining's take on the old Were legends.


• Zombie Mom: unspeakables case 3

For me, children are a very sacred subject. Like many people, children in danger always gets to me. Ronald uses this rather effectively with Book 3 to show us Victoria's "human" side. Don't worry, it doesn't get too intense on that front. We do, however, get to see the dangers and tribulations of Z Castle's investigators.


•Have You Hugged Your Zombie Today: unspeakables case 2

The second book in Ronald Reining's Unspeakables series is here. In this one, Ronald fleshs out the world a bit more and we get to see more development of the duo of Jeff and Victoria. This threat may prove to be double trouble as Victoria encounters not only an Unspeakable act but an Unspeakable horror as well.


• Unspeakables: case 1

Ronald Reining has written a Crime and Punishment Adventure series known as Unspeakables. Some people have asked me what it means that this series is a Crime and Punishment Adventure. Well, it means that it is a fun ride about crime and what justice means, but doesn't have the intrigue that mysteries normally contain.

This series revolves around a covert private agency that punishes those that cannot or will not be brought to justice in a world in which overarching government is a page in history books. This group uses extreme methods for extreme cases, and those who pose the greatest threat to society may be its greatest salvation.

Check out Book 1 now.