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This is a list of everyone who has released works with us. The written word is law for some. Others are more for the sights of life. Some even tell stories through interactions, allowing the viewer to be the decider of their fate. Let's introduce you to them.

A picture of Ronald Reining
Ron Reining — Author
Ron Reining was born during the Eisenhoswer Administration (1956 for those who aren't up on dates) in the middle of Redlands, Ca. He started the majority of his writing while in Germany during his time in the Air Force. He cites Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, James Peter Longstreet, Sandy Koufax, and George Patton Jr as his heroes and the cause of his Insanity. He passed on In June of 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. He is survived by his loving wife and, his greatest accomplishment, his daughter.

His first series is Unspeakables, a 10 part series about Crime, Punishment, and Revenge. Warning: Content can be extrememly disturbing and graphic. You have been warned.

As an aside from the editor, all proceeds from this series go to his wife.
A picture of Yevette Shinn
Yevette Renee Shinn — Artist
A child of the 90's, Yevette is a rare breed, one of the natives to Las Vegas, NV. She has been an artist most of her life, and when asked why, she simply explains "It's what I'm good at." Taking inspiration from the world around her, Yevette prides herself on always seeing the silver lining, even if her hand isn't a good one. Her passions include performing in the theatrical arts, renaissance recreation, being a gamer girl, animals, and Janet Evanovich, whom she credits for getting her so into reading.

She has worked on the art for the Unspeakables series by Ron Reining.