About Us

Falling Angel Chronicles is the home for tales of falls and redemptions, triumphs and flights. Some Angels fall from grace, some jump. Products of a divine that cannot be fully understood, these Chronicles tell of the trials, tribulations, and quests undertaken in the name of something greater than the self. Justice and Wrath, Illusions and Truth, Honor and Deceit, Good and Evil, Demonic and Holy, they go by many names, and, while some may not end with a Happily Ever After, they all tell the valor of the soul.

We were founded in 2012 with a simple ideal, to release tales in any format that embody the ideals of creativity. We are a safe haven for those who wish to give voice to their imagination in a world which seems, far to often, interested in profit alone. We stand here to tell any who would listen that which we cannot hold in. We shout to the heavens above what is in our hearts. We embrace the spark of life known as imagination, and seek to aid any fellow travelers in their quest to do the same.